We manufacture 100% "Made in Japan" footcare and handcare original products with finest quality, most ease of use, and wide variety of product type. We also supports OEM customer's business opportunity packaging with your own-brand design. Further, we also ready to ship the bulk sheet if you plans to create your original package in house.



  In this market place, we are THE world-first original manufacture as well as the inventor of the manufacturing process. We've been 18 years of  business history supported by many royal customers that tells all about the proof and absolute confidence.



  If you are seriously investigating for a genuine products, please don’t mix with any other of fake products or imitations. Then just choose SANPHAN.








Foot Care & Hand Care

  We provide both Footcare and Handcare type. No competitors can supply both type.

WET & DRY type







 We also provide both WET and DRY type.

No competitors can supply both type.

Above sticker indicates as WET type.

Dry type has no sticker on a package.

Easy Use for Foot Care

  Fushigi Sheet is designed to put on a sole of your foot. This feature allows easy application that takes only seconds one-step easy. The high quality adhesive sheet also helps prevent adhesive from being left behind when you remove it. No competitors can match our level of high quality.

Easy Use for Hand Care

  Designed for hand care, called SYURAKU. We added multiple round corners as shown above. This design helps the sheet stay on even better when you use your hands.  The high quality adhesive sheet also helps prevent adhesive from being left behind when you remove it. No competitors can match our level of high quality.

Your OEM Bussiness Support

  We are ready to support your OEM business!

Welcomes customer's request, we provide ...

 *A partner's own package design data.

 *A partner's own cosmetic box or plastic bag.

 *Sanphan ships single sap sheet.


Please be careful with any of all other imitations!

Proof of Originality (PATENT)


  GANSO means an initiator, pioneer, or originator in Japanese. Sanphan products were invented by Itsuko Kawase (Regulation of acupuncture) who created the sap sheet. As the proof of the invention, she obtained the patent rights in Japan and the United States. The patent is registered to Sanphan, which proves the originality in this product category.

   ● Japan Patent Number: 3195318
   ● Filed: 1999, Registered: 2001
   ● Commissioner, Japan Patent Office
   ● US Patent Number: 6,420,624

A sheet gains customer attension













Special Sample Sheet
  Attaching a sample sheet to the regular product at a retail shop helps gain customers' understanding and attention. Since the single sheet is enveloped in a transparent plastic bag, the customer can easily see what the product looks like. The sample is expected to garner increased sales.

Wide Variety of Product


We widely supports your demand.

Demonstration Video

"SYURAKU" for hand care

Video is recorded in Japanese, a text comment will assist you the translation in English.

"Fushigi Sheet" for foot care

Foot care sheet "Fushigi Sheet" usage is fundamentaly very similar to above demo video.

The major difference is between foot or hand.

In 2015, our cumulative shipment have reached more than 560 million sheets. Thanks very much to our many customers!


  This is not a medical product but a healthcare product. It is made of natural tree wood-vinegar sap, herbs, and several types of scents. A sheet is applied to each foot or hand for few hours or overnight, then removed and wipe it off by fresh water with soap or hand soap used.

     WEB in Japanese

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Mt. Fuji. The company office and manufacturing plant is co-located in the foot of the highest mountain Fuji in Japan,  a great world heritage registered in 2013.

  A sheet powder is made of natural broad leaf trees such as Beech, Zelkova, or Cherry tree which is picked out keeping with natural environment.


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