For a people who love to play sport ...

When you play or enjoy any sports hardly, then after try to use Fushigi Sheet.

For a running or walking people ...

When you run or walk hard, then after try to use Fushigi Sheet.

For a professional working people ...

When you do stand-up work, then after try to use Fushigi Sheet, or while long flight trip in an aircraft seated.

Fushigi Sheet assists blood circuration

When you were in a very cool environment, then try to use Fushigi Sheet.

The best time to putting the sheet is after bath-time and before goes tp sleep.

As a special gift for elderly people ...

Why don't you write a kind letter to your parents when you give Fushigi Sheet ?

A message from Sahphan

   We are 100% "Made in Japan"  footcare and  handcare  original products manufacture supplying with the finest high quality, most ease of use, and wide variety of product available. We also supports OEM customer's business opportunity by packaging your own-brand design. Further, we are also ready to ship the bulk sheet if you plans to create as it is originally-designed own package. This could be met for your regional market circuymstances to be best fit.

   In this market place, we are THE world-first original manufacture as well as the inventor of the manufacturing  process.

We've been 18 years of  business history supported by many customers that tells all about the proof and absolute confidence.

   If you are seriously looking for a genuine right products of this category, please don’t mix with any other of fake products or imitations.

Just choose SANPHAN then contact us.